Web Technology for Small Businesses

Who we are and what we do

We are a small business based in West Los Angeles. We specialize in helping you make the most of technology in your growing business.

Our experience runs deep, with decades of consulting experience working for and with leading companies. We have implemented small business sites, school web sites, and global corporate web solutions. We have extensive PMI PMP-credentialed project management skills to make sure your projects are a success - whatever their size.

How we are different


We work with you to meet your unique needs

We work differently from the "big guys", who offer overly complex solutions at high prices, often resulting in you having to buy and maintain additional hardware or software you don't really need. We are also different from companies that offer predefined templates and solutions that look great but cannot adapt and grow with your needs in the long run.

We take the time to work with you to combine what you already have with just what you need to arrive at a solution that works now - and can still grow with your business. Speak with us and you'll understand how our approach to your problem is different.


We price our services differently, too. We don't charge for an initial consultation about your needs and we'll even come to you for free if you live in our local area. From there, we'll work with you to decide which services are appropriate. We'll even work with you to determine if it is best to use our competitive hourly rates, fixed charges for a job, or even charges based only on successful results. You'll always know how and what you are going to be charged, in advance.

Contact us

Please contact us at the following address: info@mefopolis.com.